Sunday, April 2, 2023

Screaming plants

11 years ago I posted this April 1st blog about plants screaming when cut by a lawnmower

Some (including close friends) fell for it and I was even tracked down to be interviewed about the science, which led me to emphasize that this was an April fool's joke!
But now we have our first evidence for "screaming" plants!

Now my friend and colleague Prof. Lilach Hadany at Tel Aviv University published yesterday a landmark paper in CELL that shows for the first time that plants emit sounds that carry biological information!:

Here for example is what a tomato sounds like is it doesn't have enough water:

And this is what a grapevine sounds like after being cut:

I'm proud to have has an influence on this research as its roots (all pun intended) can be traced back to my discussions with Lilach while I was writing What a Plant Knows.

So this is NOT an April Fool's hoax. Plant's do emit sounds (But they don't scream 😉)!

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